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Wide Application of Titanium Dioxide in Food

Food grade titanium dioxide is a kind of anatase titanium dioxide with high content and non-coating treatment. In the field of food and medicine, it is commonly called white pigment, and it can also be called food grade titanium dioxide or pharmaceutical grade titanium dioxide. Edible titanium dioxide is also used as a food whitener. It is non-toxic and tasteless, and it is in the form of a white powder. Sometimes in order to facilitate the dispersion, it is also made into liquid form, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

The main application fields of the titanium dioxide uses in food

Titanium dioxide uses in food mainly for candy, chocolate, clothing, preserved fruits, puffed foods, chewing gum, solid drink without sweetener, concentrated solid beverage (including milk liquid beverage), jam, salad dressing, mayonnaise.

The specific uses of titanium dioxide in food are as follows:

1. It is used in food as a food coloring additive for food whitening. It is used for food toning, and its main function is to improve the gloss as well as whiteness of food. It is used in preserved fruits, jelly, fried food, cocoa products, chocolate, chocolate products, etc.

2. It has good dispersibility, less precipitation, high whiteness and purity. It is used for the whitening and coloring of unsweetened formulations, concentrated forms, salad dressings, flour improvers, steamed bread flour improvers, salad dressings, capsules, and aquatic products.

3. It mainly reacts with organic acids to produce gas to make food fluffy. It is suitable for flour and flour products.

4. It can not only ensure the uniformity of each batch of food, but also improve the color and appearance of the food, and shield ultraviolet rays. The products are mainly used for candy cell coating (colloid soft candy, toffee, chocolate and cell coating, jelly pudding), non-carbonated beverage clouding agent, puffed food, fried food, chewing gum, solid beverage.