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Titanium Dioxide TiO2 In Printing Ink

Ink is a kind of viscous gelatinous fluid that is repeatedly rolled into a uniform mixture of its components. It is one of the important materials used for packaging material printing, which presents patterns and characters on the substrate through printing. In 2010, the production of ink industry in China reached the highest level in history, it is the first time to rank the second in the world surpassing Germany and Japan. China accounts for 14% of global ink production at an amazing rate.

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Performance of Titanium Ink

Offset printing ink. In offset printing ink printing process, usually offset printing is based on the principle of "exclusion of water and oil" to complete the printing process, therefore titanium dioxide in offset printing ink has a good emulsification resistance and hydrophobicity; If the print is placed outdoors for a long time, also requires titanium dioxide with good light resistance and weather resistance, otherwise, white ink will become yellow and powder.

Gravure composite film ink. In the process of gravure composite film ink printing, white ink must be used as the base for the printing to get a bright and beautiful effect before color printing. This requires the titanium dioxide in white ink must have a good tinting strength and covering power, otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Baking type printing iron white ink. For baking white ink printing, baking temperature up to 180℃ or so, repeating baking time up to 2 hours or so, such a strict printing condition makes the titanium dioxide in printing white ink must have good heat resistance, otherwise white ink in high-temperature baking will become yellow, lose luster and cause printing scrap seriously. In brief, titanium dioxide in ink production requires good weather resistance, according to product requirements to make different choices; Small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, good dispersion; Stable chemical properties, and good covering power.

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