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Titanium Dioxide TiO2 In Food

Food grade titanium dioxide is an anatase titanium dioxide without surface treatment, Commonly known as a white pigment in food and pharmaceutical industries, can also be called titanium dioxide powder food-grade, or medical-grade titanium dioxide, also used as a food whitening agent, non-toxic, tasteless, white powder, sometimes made into the liquid for better dispersion, is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

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Performance of Titanium Dioxide Food Grade

Medicine: in pharmaceutical preparations, thin-film coating suspension, sugar coating and gelatin capsule can be prepared as a white colorant, and can also be used in combination with other colorants, applied to the skin preparation, and can also replace starch as the drug excipient.

Titanium dioxide TiO2 uses in food: For candy, chocolate coating, preserved fruit, puffed food, chewing gum, sugar-free and concentrated solid drinks, including emulsion drinks, tonifying products, jam, salad dressing, mayonnaise.

Liquid titanium dioxide TiO2 in food (formerly known as slurry type titanium dioxide) is a high-tech product after many years of research and development, the main ingredient is food additive titanium dioxide TiO2, with different food additives from processing. The product is constantly updated, the product develops to the fifth generation nowadays. There are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H type in paste type white pigment series products. C type is a fixed type product and others processed by different food additives for different users' requirements. This series of products have fine and even particle size, good dispersibility, forming opacities at the sight of water, no precipitation, no stratification and no deterioration for a year.

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