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Significant Effect of Chemical Fiber Grade Titanium Dioxide on the Textile

I. The importance of chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide to the quality of clothing

Clothing, as a necessity of human life, is a symbol of human civilization. With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level and cultural literacy, people's requirements for clothing quality are also getting higher and higher. The assessment and evaluation of clothing quality has become a hot issue in clothing production and guidance of consumption, and chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide can further improve the overall quality of clothing.

II. What improvements in textiles after adding chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide?

1. Anti-UV textiles

Chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide products, with excellent performance of ultraviolet absorption and reflection, are added to textiles, for the purpose of greatly absorbing and emitting ultraviolet rays and achieving ultraviolet resistance. The research shows that textiles with chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide solution with a concentration of 0.5% are used to treat textiles, and the shielding rate of textiles is as high as 95%.

2. Antibacterial textiles

Chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide based antibacterial materials have the characteristics of broad spectrum, durability and safety, which are widely used in textiles, sanitary products and other aspects. The research shows that textiles treated with 3-5 nanometer single-dispersed chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide solution have an antibacterial rate of more than 90% after 24 hours (E. coli, staphylococcus gold, penicillus spores, and red hairy mold) at a temperature suitable for human body; although the product has been washed more than 10 times, it remains excellent photocatalysis activity.

3. Self-clean textiles

Chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide is an excellent self-cleaning material. Under the action of light, oil, dust and other dirt on the textile surface are removed to achieve self-cleaning effect. The chemical fiber-grade titanium powder light catalyst is sprayed on the surface of cotton fabrics, for the purpose of self-cleaning under sunlight.

4. Air purification textiles

Chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide can efficiently decompose toxic and harmful substances in the air such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, improve the living and working environment for a long time, and improve people's health and quality of life. Using chemical fiber-grade titanium powder light catalyst to treat household curtain cloth, tables, chair cloth, weaving fabrics and other fabrics can effectively remove harmful carcinogenic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia in indoor air, with a removal rate of more than 90%.

5. Antistatic textile

The friction between chemical fiber products tends to produce static electricity effects. Chemical fiber clothing, chemical fiber carpets, etc. have discharge effect due to friction, and also tend to absorb dust. If chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxide photocatalysts are added to it, it will produce good electrostatic shielding performance, greatly reducing the electrostatic effect in textiles and playing an anti-static effect.

Chemical fiber-grade titanium dioxideis used in textile slurry. By perfectly combining with starch, the comprehensive weaving performance of yarn is improved, the dosage of PVA is reduced, the pulping time is short, the pulp cost is reduced, the pulping efficiency is improved, and many problems such as PVA slurry are not easy to roll back and environmental pollution are solved.