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Difference Between TiO2 Titanium Dioxide Rutile Type and Anatase Type

Ⅰ. What is TiO2 titanium dioxide

The scientific name of titanium dioxide is titanium dioxide. It has two crystal forms: rutile and anatase. Anatase type TiO2 titanium dioxide has better whiteness, but its tinting strength is only 70 of rutile type. In terms of weather resistance, the anatase-type TiO2 titanium dioxide test piece began to crack or flake off after only one year, while the rutile-type TiO2 titanium dioxide test piece had little change in appearance after ten years. As rutile TiO2 titanium dioxide has better coloring power and weather resistance, it is better to use rutile TiO2 titanium dioxide for plastic coloring.

Ⅱ. The difference between anatase titanium dioxide and rutile type

1. The crystal types of the two are different. There are three crystal structures of titanium white powder: brookite, anatase, and rutile. Because of its unstable crystal structure, the brookite type cannot exist stably in nature for a long time, so its small amount has no industrial value and has not been used. The rutile type tends to be more stable.

2. There is a difference in TiO2 particle size distribution between rutile and anatase products: because the crystal form of rutile products tends to be hexahedral, it is easier to disperse evenly than anatase, and the agglomerates formed are more uniform. The particle size distribution is narrower.

3. Although the production process of rutile and anatase is basically similar, the specific parameters are quite different.

4. Anatase products can only be produced by the sulfuric acid method, but rutile products now have sulfuric acid method and chloride method.

5. The last difference is the coating film: Anatase products are basically calcined and settled, and packaged and sold after Raymond mill crushing. In order to better improve the dispersion and weather resistance of rutile products, alumina or zirconium is used for surface treatment after calcination, and some organic treatment is also carried out at the same time.